I view it as a privilege to be invited into the emotional, joy-filled and sometimes crazy moments that make up someone’s life - especially their wedding day. I approach every interaction with my clients and their guests from that place of respect and reverence. I’m highly sensitive to the needs and the comfort level of the couples I work with - carefully gauging and capturing the crucial moments of the day without interfering or orchestrating artificial set-ups. A good wedding photographer understands that you’re not a professional model, you’re surrounded by dozens of people you haven’t seen in years, and that you’re about to make the biggest promise of your life. Clients always comment with gratitude on my flexibility and skill in making them feel comfortable in front of my camera lens. I love faces. Surprised faces, happy faces, weepy faces - all the real-deal faces people make while living their lives. Creating art out of your life moments is my passion - not through artificial poses or orchestrated laughter - but through the real connections and emotion you and your loved ones already share. Whether it’s a wedding, proposal, family reunion or just a normal (and extraordinary) day, my team is here to help you create authentic images you'll want to revisit over and over again.

We feel honored to be a part of such special life moments. It is more than a job, it is about documenting the bare emotion and sheer joy expressed during one of life's most fundamental occasions. Each couple has a unique story and every wedding deserves its own individual approach. We focus on a photojournalist approach that will convey the emotion of the day. When you look through your wedding photos, we want you to feel like you are reliving that day just as it were.