About Us

Based in the heart of the Brandywine Valley 

From New York City to Washington DC we serve the greater Philadelphia Area, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.


Our goal is to create a fabulous documentary of one of the most important days in your life. Our couples care deeply about their wedding pictures... with a vibrant style of photography that also tells a story. We get it, you want images that you can brag about, that also make your friends and families laugh and cry. An editorial eye is infused with emotion and blends a deep sentimentality with exquisite composition and striking out of the box approach. The result... unforgettable images that are simply beautiful but never, ever simple.

Monti "With a life long passion for Photography... I consider my self very fortunate that in 1981 I was able to purchase my first Canon AE-1 35 mm SLR film camera with an interchangeable 200 mm telephoto lens and my first Adobe Photoshop program in 1993"


"Photography has always been a passion of ours 

and we have enjoyed taking pictures for as long as we can remember".